Monday, July 20, 2009


A family friend of ours is a grilling expert and I thought his grilling post was very informative!

As I grill, the more I realize that all my philosophies growing up of steaks are incorrect. So let me just clear up the myths vs. fact so you don't run into the same problems I did.

1) Myth: Sirloin is the best and only real cut of steak, because the Sizzler commercials say so.
Fact: Sorry, but my Weber is a "no sirloin" zone. Bring real meat or you won't be allowed to the BBQ.

1) Myth: Make sure you season it well, and maybe marinate it beforehand so you can lock in all the flavors.
Fact: The flavor should be steak, ok. Don't ruin it. A little Montreal Steak seasoning and you're good.

2) Myth: The best way to make sure your steak is done is to keep checking on it, flipping it over to see the other side, and you should definitely cut into it while it's on the grill to see if the middle is done.
Fact: You need to understand your steak way before you put it on the grill. The thickness, the temperature, the cut, whether it's boneless or not--because good steaks are all about timing. Only open the lid of the grill once, only flip the steaks once, and NEVER cut into it or you'll lose all you've worked for.

3) Myth: A steak is best served "hot off the grill"
Fact: Please allow the steak to sit for at least five to seven minutes before cutting into it--preferably longer but I know it's hard. The middle of the steak will rise in temperature and the juices will settle. Again, if you cut into it too soon, you will lose everything.

4) Myth: A good steak requires a good steak sauce
Fact: This may be an obvious one, but ask **** my reaction when she brought A1 to enjoy a NY strip I served. She won't make that mistake again. Sure, if you're having a Sizzler Sirloin then please, feel free, but if you're at my BBQ and you bring steak sauce you'll walk in the front door and right out the back door, which will be locked behind you.

I'm sure there are more lessons, but those are some good ones. By the way, never buy a steak at full price, either...just rotate between the good cuts with whatever is half off.

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