Friday, May 28, 2010

baby back ribs 101

Baby back ribs are the filet mignon of pork ribs. The trick is find baby back ribs that have not had the meat on top of the ribs trimmed off by a butcher. The best place to find good baby backs is at the large warehouse stores like Costco and at meat wholesalers. Baby back ribs also know as loin back ribs.

Just as beef filet mignon does not have a lot of flavor, pork back ribs do not a lot of flavor. To get the most out of them a marinade is a really good idea and mopping also helps.

Prep is much simpler than for spare ribs. Remove the outer membrane as detail above and your done. Then you can get on to the marinade, mustard, rubs and mops. One very successful method of cooking baby back ribs is 2-2-1. The times are approximate. Lower weight or higher cooking temperatures will shorten the time required. Two hours at 225ºf to 275ºf with smoke to form a nice crust and get the smoke into the ribs. Two hours in foil to tenderize the ribs. One hour to firm up the crust. Add BBQ sauce at the very end of the final hour.

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