Tuesday, March 20, 2012

strawberry peach banana smoothie

Who else loves smoothies? I love making smoothies, and it is my boys favorite breakfast. I just throw some fruit (whatever is in season), yogurt ice cubes, and some juice into my blender and in seconds I have a delicious healthy treat!

I've started buying the big containers of yogurt (I like vanilla) and freezing it in ice cube trays! I just spoon the yogurt in, freeze, and pop them out and store them in a freezer baggies and when I am ready to make a smoothie... Vuala! It is much more inexpensive than buying the frozen smoothie packages at the store and you can stop throwing away yogurt because it's expiring and freeze it!!

Strawberry Peach Banana Smoothie
1 banana, broken into chunks
handful of fresh strawberries
1 peach, cubed
4 yogurt cubes
1/4 c strawberry, orange, mango juice

Put everything into blender and blend until smooth and serve. You might want to add more or less juice depending on how thick you like your smoothie!!

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